【Apu Kumar/CITYDATA.ai】Build digital mobility replicas for smarter cities and real-world businesses

Leader's Info

Apurva "Apu" Kumar is the founder of CITYDATA.ai . Apu, also an acronym for "Accelerated Processing Unit", has extensive technology experience in geospatial data, mobile analytics, and machine learning. Prior to CITYDATA.ai, Apu held foundational roles at successful technology startups like BlueStacks, Phoenix (acquired by HP), CNET.com, and mySimon (acquired by CNET). Apu has a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences & Engineering from Stanford University. When he is not globetrotting, deal hacking, or teaching tennis, Apu spends his time helping local communities. He strongly recommends the civic tour of duty for technology companies to invest in and contribute to the improvement of local neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Leader's Viewpoint

Backgrounds to launch your company/service

In our explorations of space and time, we could not find a single definitive source that could answer the question “why are people where they are, what is on their minds, and what they might do next”. CITYDATA was founded to solve this problem. CITYDATA provides "People Intelligence " in the form of geo-analytics and predictive insights for the connected mobile world. We harness the power of AI to transform billions of mobile location signals every day. We work with app developers, telco operators, programmatic networks, enterprise businesses, local and regional government entities. We are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with presence in major cities worldwide.

Points where the service is differentiated

CITYDATA.ai is Silicon Valley technology startup that provides mobility intelligence for smarter cities and real-world businesses. Most cities are unable to quantify their population patterns on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Measuring and quantifying people-counts and movement patterns for neighborhoods, downtown core, commercial districts, parks, equity zones is critical for cities to be able to make data-driven policy decisions. CITYDATA.ai provides mobility data, AIML, and visualization for 1580 cities worldwide, including 30 cities and metro areas in Japan.

Company of Future

At startups, life is what happens when you are busy working. We know this well, and we do everything we can to make sure that you enjoy your experience at CITYDATA. We are a small team that challenges conventional wisdom to shape the world into a better place. We work hard, we laugh a lot, we brainstorm nonstop. We love to scribble more than most toddlers, we fill up whiteboards, walls, counters, with new ideas, flowcharts, equations, or just fun doodles. We are united in our mission to let each individual shine and be the best they can. We stay humble as we look inside and outside for inspiration and learning. We’ve built the best data platform and machine learning stack for mobile location intelligence that solves real problems across a wide range of industry verticals. So come on in and join us on this exciting adventure.

CITYDATA.ai, https://citydata.ai/

Interviewer: Takushi Miyao, StartupReview
Interviewee: Apu Kumar, CEO & Founder, citydata.ai