【Georgey and Ananthan/Taught Academy】 Every child is an artist full of creativity

Leader's Info

Georgey Jacob - A talented and driven Tech-Product Manager leading the Product and Technology initiatives, this is a man stepping into the role of the founder for the second time. His previous endeavor, Servntire was a Blockchain Startup acquired by NetObjex, a California-based IoT Operating Platform Company.

Our co-founder is the multitasking visionary, Ananthan Padmanabhan, an expert in Product Development, Music, and Video production. He was a Development Lead at NetObjex, managed a team of 4, and worked on several leading edge projects.

Leader's Viewpoint

Mission and Vision

  1. Our Belief - Every child is an artist full of creativity that they need to explore. The extracurriculars are not only desirable but necessary for a child's personal growth. 
  2. Our Aim - To convert their talents and interests into a passion that follows them throughout their life, equipping them with a unique perspective and narrative. 
  3. Our Focus - Extracurriculars that skill children for the real world and the rest of their lives. On a personal, mental and physical level, the extracurriculars will propagate the growth of Today's children the people of tomorrow. 

Points where the service is differentiated

Taught employs a unique method of learning, such that our students are engaged in a learning experience they can carry throughout their life.
--> Hybrid Course Model - Taught works with a one-of-a-kind Hybrid Model of Education. We combine two elements to create our curriculum courses.
--> Live, Interactive sessions led by Expert Instructors + Gamified, Engaging Revision Videos [In Graphics]
--> With this model, we ensure that our students receive a comprehensive and quality learning experience. Our curriculum is painstakingly designed to the most minute of details, while the revision videos with lifelong access ensure a long and enduring learning experience.

Disciples We Cover - Dance, Fine arts, Instruments and Vocals

User Experience - The platform itself has been designed with various elements that add to a seamless and engaging experience.
--> Parent Friendly - Taught has been designed such that it caters to the parents as well as the kids with a switchable dashboard that can manage multiple children and real-time progress tracking.
--> Fun room - Our students will be learning in our specially designed fun rooms, where the live sessions with expert instructors will take place, directly on our platform.
--> Course Library - The course library will contain the concept videos for revision and self-learning purposes. The videos will unlock after their respective session has been completed and students will have lifelong access to them.

Taught Academy, https://taught.academy/

Interviewer: Takushi Miyao, StartupReview
Interviewee: Georgey and Ananthan, Taught Academy