【Olivier Madiba/Kiro’o Games】Building a Legacy for the Next Generation

Leader's Info

Olivier Madiba is the founder’s and CEO of Kiro'o Games.

Kiro'o is the first video game studio in Central Africa. The studio officially launched in December 2015 after years of struggle to find funding for our project, a 10-year epic of hardship and challenges.

We are building The Most Scalable Gaming Catalog  from Africa. We are therefore a “seed” of a future world class Company and our brands are built to be a part of The entire life of an African User.

Leader's Viewpoint


Our work at Kiro’o is a Legacy we are building for the next generation. They must believe in themselves and get the right to use their potentials. We are there because of the fight of so many African and human heroes.

That is why we launch our product and services for two main reasons :

  • For kids : We provide them unique fantasy world where they can be inspired by heroes like them, and get fun with their friends with their imaginations ;
  • For young adult : We provide games which makes them simulate real life problem with fun. Like how to get married in an African city with power cuts and family gossips managements.

Current State

  • 300M of African young adults owns an active Mobile Money account this will keep growing until 2025
  • Mobile Money Payment APIS are available. We can monetize games in Africa
  • 65% of African smartphones are possessed by young adults (18yo – 35yo) Our Core target
  • +16% YoY Expected Smartphone’s growth in Africa by 2025 ;

Future Plans

In 2030, 150 millions of african players will pay 0,27 usd per week in games, and then generate 1.3Bn USD. We aim to take 10% of this market (at least) and then use our money from entertainement to invest in others sectors.

African wallbreakers 

Wherever we can support African wallbreakers, we will. Kiro'o must therefore be the brand that inspires and connects to opportunities.

Olivier Madiba

(Interview: Takushi Miyao Company: Kiro'o Games)