【VoiceBrain】A platform that turns voice communication in the field into your asset


Kinuko Masaki is the Executive Chairwoman and Founder of VoiceBrain which is a software company that helps companies make data-driven decisions for better outcomes. Before starting VoiceBrain, she was the CEO and co-founder of SmartEar which was a hardware device company developing an in-ear computing device which is comfortable to wear 24/7 which is in the process of being acquired. Dr. Masaki has earned a bachelor’s and master’s in EECS from MIT, a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Harvard/MIT, and a Post-PhD from Stanford Medical School in stem cell engineering. After leaving the academic world, she led R&D efforts at Advanced Bionics and EarLens and created intellectual properties for several companies seeking to further hearing and audio technology.

Voice Brain can be set up in minutes, simply by leveraging existing voice communication devices such as mobile phones. It provides insights to improve employee productivity, safety, security, and compliance, while reducing organizational costs.

User's device -> Voicebrain -> Analytics
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Get Productive

  • 78% reduction in management intervention to resolve conflicts
  • 53% improvement in employee engagement
  • 12x higher employee retention rate
  • Decrease 70-90% of incident investigation

Start Predicting

  • Prevent 24% of problems before they happen
  • Predictive models improve operations by 44%

Maximize Assets

  • Better leverage your current investments and improve your asset value
  • Monitor the utilization of your asset and systems in real time
  • Increase asset effectiveness by 5-20%

Empower Teams

  • 30-50% of employment costs can be saved by retaining employees and knowledge
  • 49% improvement in manager and employee collaboration

Reduce Risk

  • The average cost to a company for defense and settlement was $125,000. On average, those matters took 275 days to resolve.
  • Resolution is established through a single source of truth reducing lawsuits by 73%

Enhance Safety

  • Enable self-reporting and ensure a passing scorecard while enhancing security posture and proactively manage risk
  • 44% increase in employee safety

Improve Security

  • Continuous security monitoring and real time notification
  • Insights from voice data can improve security by 20%

Save Money

  • Up to 14x return on investment


Establishment:2021/8 San Francisco US

Founder:Kinuko Masaki


Field:Voice Platform


Voice communication is at the heart of field operations, with 90% of mobile workers in industry using voice as their primary means of communication.

These employees do not rely on email or other internal systems to get their work done. In particular, voice data is rarely analyzed.

The Voicebrain platform captures and leverages this data to provide companies with unprecedented insights.

(VoiceBrain, https://www.voicebrain.ai/

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